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Private Prosecutions- How Can I Charge Someone With a Crime?


Private Prosecutions- How Can I Charge Someone With a Crime? What happens if someone has perpetrated an offence against you but the police or the public prosecutor is not willing to prosecute the offender? Or…

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Can I travel overseas with a criminal record?


Can I travel overseas with a criminal record? Are you planning on travelling during this summer holiday season? Will having a criminal record affect your travel plans? Could something like a minor drug possession or…

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Banning Smoking in NSW Gaols- Health Concern or Just More Trouble?


Getting Prisoners to Quit- The New Smoking Ban in NSW Jails In August 2015, the NSW Government implemented a smoking ban in all prisons. Despite valid health reasoning supporting the ban, the side effects associated…

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Provocation- A Partial Defence to Murder


Provocation: A Partial defence to Murder In June 2012 Chamanjot Singh took a box cutter and slit his wife Manpreet Kaur’s throat numerous times killing her. He claimed that he was provoked by the victim’s…

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Arson: A Criminal Offence on the Rise in Australia


Why are arson cases on the rise in Australia? Arson is relatively a criminal offence of low incidence in comparison to other offences in Australia such as supplying or possessing a prohibited drug, or domestic…

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Sydney’s Lockout Laws- Are they Working?


Sydney’s Lockout Laws, Are they working? In January 2014, NSW introduced reforms to the NSW Liquor Act, otherwise referred to as “lockout laws” that restricts alcohol sales in an attempt to reduce violent alcohol-fueled assaults….

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Are Police Allowed to Stop you From Recording Them?


Are Police allowed to Stop you from Recording Them? A video posted on Youtube in July shows an Australian police officer in Queensland assaulting a woman for videotaping him during a traffic stop. She was…

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The Right to Silence- Do I have to answer any questions asked by Police?


The right to silence in NSW, Australia- What you need to know It is a warm Saturday evening. You are at a friend’s party with your girlfriend. Everyone is having a good time until all…

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Making an Application for Bail Pending Appeal


  Making an application for bail pending appeal   Will I go straight to jail if I am sentenced to jail? Yes. If the sentencing Magistrate or Judge determines that no option other than full…

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How To Defend Drug Supply Charges


Supply Prohibited Drugs charges can be considered very serious by the court in NSW. With the increase in problematic methamphetamine (“ice”) use in Sydney, there have been an increasing number of arrests in NSW for…

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