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Q&A Video Series – What is the difference between Possession, Supply and Deemed Supply of Prohibited Drugs?


What is the difference between Possession, Supply and Deemed Supply of Prohibited Drugs? Ever wondered how someone could be charged with Supply Prohibited Drug when they did not actually supply to anyone at all? This…

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Drug Detection Dogs- A Complete Failure?


Drug Detection Dogs- A Complete Failure? There is no doubt that every year, with every music festival and increased Police/Police dog presence at those festivals, more and more people are arrested and charged for minor…

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Q&A Video Series – What is the penalty for possessing a prohibited drug?


Watch the first of our Question & Answer Video Series as we discuss the penalties for possessing a prohibited drug.The maximum penalty for possessing a prohibited drug in NSW is 2 years imprisonment.  If it…

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Should There be an “Ecstacy Cautioning Scheme” for First Time Drug Offenders?


Should there be an “ecstasy cautioning scheme”? The music festival scene in NSW is fast approaching. No place is more notorious for drug use than music festivals. With the sheer number of concert goers that…

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Should Drug Users be Allowed to Test what is in their Drugs at Music Festivals?


Should Drug Users be allowed to test what is in their drugs at music festivals in Australia? Just over the past few days a 26-year-old man from Albury became unconscious and later died of a…

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Man dies at Music Festival in Penrith, 60 People Arrested and Charged


Defcon Music Festival was on in Penrith last night, 19 September 2015. Even with the recent tragic death of a teenager after taking ecstasy at a music festival, festival-goers continue to take drugs at music…

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Police Cracking Down on Drug Drivers


Drug Driving Offences on the Rise in NSW Police are now cracking down on Drug Drivers. Last June a serious crash occurred in Sutton Forest in NSW when a truck driver allegedly under the influence…

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Online Drug Supply on the Rise in Australia


Why are online drug sales increasing in Sydney, Australia? Methamphetamines (ice), oxycodine, cocaine, speed, LSD, ecstasy, cannabis and gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB). You name it and you can buy any illicit drug you want online. Your next…

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92 People Charged with Drugs at Splendour in the Grass Music Festival


Charged with a Drug Offence at Splendour in the grass? Over the weekend 30,000 people ventured to Byron Bay to listen to acts such as Tame Impala, Peking Duk, Flight Facilities and Mark Ronson. With…

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Finger print drug testing: A new way to test for drug use?


Are the days of testing for drug use through saliva or blood samples numbered? New research findings suggest that they might be. Researchers from England believe they have found a way to determine if a…

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