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False AVO Claims


Fake domestic violence claims – what are your rights? Domestic violence is a serious offence and one which should be condemned and punished accordingly. But every day across Australia we see courts throw out domestic…

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Gay Domestic Violence- How common is it?


The assumption has always been that domestic violence is primarily a women’s issue. However, domestic violence also affects the LGBTIQ community and at alarming levels. A 2014 report conducted by the University of NSW entitled…

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Corporal Punishment Australia: Is Smacking Your Child Illegal?


Historically, corporal punishment has been a hot button topic for parents and child psychologists alike. Many of us remember getting a slap or a smack when refusing to comply, but does it have any psychologically…

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Male Victims of Domestic Violence…Are They Ignored?


Male Victims of Domestic Violence…Are They Ignored? As Criminal Lawyers, we see a tiny number of female perpetrators of domestic violence being prosecuted compared to male offenders. It seems, at least still, that a large…

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Is There a Relationship Between Methamphetamine Use and the Rise in Domestic Violence?


Is There a Relationship Between Methamphetamine Use and the Rise in Domestic Violence It seems we hear daily in the media about the growing threats that domestic violence, and the widespread use of methamphetamine have…

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Should Child Neglect and Abuse be a Criminal Offence?


Should it be an Criminal Offence for parents or carers who emotionally abuse and neglect their children? We’ve seen some terrible examples of child neglect and abuse in the Media recently. According to the Australian…

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Should There Be Mandatory Sentencing for Domestic Violence Offenders?


Should mandatory sentencing be introduced in Australia for domestic violence offenders? Domestic violence is considered a national emergency. According to the Government of NSW Women’s Health Department “over 240,000 Australian adult women are physically assaulted…

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Why NSW needs Specialised Courts for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Cases


Do we need specialised courts in Australia for domestic violence and sexual assault cases? Domestic violence and sexual assault are both widespread problems in Australia. According to NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, 36%…

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Should There be a Domestic Violence Register in Australia?


Should there be a domestic violence register in Australia? Domestic violence is one of the most prevalent forms of violence against women in Australia. According to Access Economics an estimated 1.6 million Australian women over…

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Victims of Domestic Violence Now Being Arrested by Police and Jailed


Increased public awareness about the issue of Domestic Violence has prompted changes to the way that Police handle domestic violence cases, with policing powers extended in order to tackle the problem from the frontline. Courts…

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