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Our solicitors frequently assist clients funded by the Legal Aid Commission of NSW, handling a range of matters including Local Court hearings, District Court sentences and trials, Supreme Court trials and appellate work in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

The first consultation with our firm is free regardless of whether or not a grant of Legal Aid has been assigned to our firm. However, in order for your Legal Aid matter to be assigned to our firm, a form needs to be completed requesting that your matter be assigned to our firm. This form can be submitted either in hard copy or electronically and our staff can assist you in completing the form as well as organising supporting documentation such as bank statements and Social Security papers.

Should your Legal Aid matter be assigned to us, you can expect superior representation in all aspects of your case. A solicitor will be assigned the management of your case who will have the responsibility of providing timely and accurate legal advice to you as to the progress of your case from when the Brief of Evidence is first received to committal hearing and at sentence or trial. We will also ensure that the appropriate counsel is briefed in your matter if appropriate and work closely with counsel to get you the best result.