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LY Lawyers are experts in criminal defence cases across NSW, including the city of Wollongong and the wider Illawarra region. We provide services for both criminal and traffic matters in Wollongong and the Illawarra.

Our team of criminal defence lawyers in Wollongong are among the best in the country, offering exceptional legal advice and winning representation in court. We have experience winning cases across the entire judicial system, including the Supreme Court. With our local knowledge and expertise, LY Lawyers is able to provide the high-quality legal representation you deserve.

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At LY Lawyers in Wollongong, we provide our clients with affordable criminal law services and high levels of dedication. Our team of award-winning criminal lawyers in Wollongong have a proven track record of winning traffic and criminal cases across matters ranging in type and severity.

From traffic offences to criminal charges, our solicitors will fight vigorously to get you the best results possible. Whether pleading guilty or not guilty is right for your case, LY’s criminal lawyers in Wollongong are up to the task.

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LY Lawyers is an experienced team of criminal and traffic lawyers, ready to help you no matter the case at hand.

Our Wollongong criminal lawyers deal with a wide variety of criminal and traffic offences, including:

Criminal offences

  • Assaults, including police assaults, resisting police, domestic violence offences, AVOs and serious violence offences such as grievous bodily harm
  • Firearms and weapons offences
  • Possession, supply and importation of prohibited drug offences
  • Sexual and indecent assault offences
  • Using carriage service offences
  • Fraud offences
  • Section 10 “no conviction” applications resulting in no criminal record

Traffic offences

  • Drink driving and drug driving
  • Licence appeals (against the Roads and Maritime Services)

What makes us the best criminal lawyers in Wollongong?

LY Lawyers are some of the best criminal lawyers in Wollongong. No matter the criminal or traffic offence, our team is capable of assisting you and fighting for the best possible outcome. Our criminal law team has collectively earned years and years of experience working in many different facets of Australian law. As a result, we have the expertise you need to achieve great outcomes.

Our prices are competitive, and we even offer fixed fees on simpler criminal and traffic law offences in Local and District Courts. This ensures you don’t face any surprises or hidden costs.

Your first consultation with us is free. This allows you to find out if we are the right representatives for you in a no-obligation environment. At LY Lawyers, we understand that criminal law is complex, so we will be here to ensure our clients have access to all the information they need. Throughout proceedings, we provide support for our clients to ensure they are ready for the court process by providing information on their criminal matters and general advice for going to court.

To ensure our clients and the general public are as educated as possible, we’ve taken the time to fill the LY Lawyers site with information about common criminal charges and some more specialised information. Head over to our blog for more information.

We also have information on Apprehended Violence Orders, traffic offences and licence appeals, and many more instances of criminal and traffic law.

Our criminal lawyers are available 24/7 to support and guide you. We are even available on weekends and public holidays for urgent bail applications. Enjoy total support from our helpful and expert team.

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About Wollongong

Wollongong is a seaside city and the de facto capital of the Illawarra region. It is the third-largest city in New South Wales and sits 85 kilometres south of Sydney. Wollongong has historically served as an important industrial and port city for Australia.

The broader Illawarra region is over 1,000 square kilometres in size. It contains cities and towns including Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama, Gerringong and more. The region has historically been associated with mining and steelworks.

Wollongong criminal lawyers case studies

Our client was charged with the supply of 139.9 grams of MDMA, being an amount which was not less than the commercial quantity applicable to that prohibited drug. This offence carries with it a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment and a standard non parole period of 10 years.

Our client was amidst a marital breakdown and was suffering from a number of mental health issues along with financial hardship. As a result, our client turned to drugs to satisfy his addiction and fulfil his financial obligations. He soon saw the error of his ways and the effect that drugs have not just on the individual, but on the community as well. With an extensive criminal history, it was a difficult case to convince the Judge that our client has good prospects of rehabilitation.

Fortunately, Mr Ly was there to guide our client through his time whilst incarcerated. Mr Ly ensured that our client did not squander his opportunity to rehabilitate. Our client participated in programs such as Remand Addictions and he also undertook painting work and cleaning in gaol.

Mr Ly instructed Counsel in the matter and appeared before Wollongong District Court in October 2020. His Honour Judge Haesler sentenced our client to a term of imprisonment of 2 years, with a non parole period of 14 months. Our client already served one year in gaol, meaning he will be eligible for release in under two months.

Our client seeks to return to work after gaol and provide a good future for his family.

Our client, a 19 year old man with financial and drug related issues, was charged with two dozen offences of supply prohibited drugs ranging from small to commercial quantities.

The facts were negotiated to reflect that our young client was pressured by under-cover operatives to supplying larger amounts of drugs. Following extensive negotiations by our meticulous lawyers, the majority of the charges were successfully withdrawn. Our client then pleaded guilty to one count of supplying a commercial quantity of cocaine with two other supplies taken into account.

Mr Ly from the outset gave our client advice and guided him as to how to best rehabilitate himself in order to better his life as well as working towards achieving the most favorable outcome. To that end, during our client’s time in incarceration, he enrolled and completed a number of rehabilitation programs and educational courses. By the time sentencing came around, our client completely rehabilitated himself.

This offence carries a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment with a standard non parole period of 10 years. Our client was sentenced by His Honour Judge Haesler to a term of imprisonment of 2 years and 7 months with a non parole period of 14 months. At the time of sentencing, he had served just over 11 months, meaning he is to be released in under three months.

A fantastic and well-deserved result.

Our client was charged with cause grievous bodily harm with intent, which attracts a maximum penalty of 25 years imprisonment.

Our client, unprovoked and heavily intoxicated, punches the victim outside a night club. The entire incident was captured on CCTV.

The victim sustained a broken jaw and required months of rehabilitation, with the possibility of permanent damage. Police submitted that the punch had the possibility to cause death.

We fought hard for our client in having the charge reduced to a charge of Recklessly Inflicting GBH, avoiding a trial before a jury at Wollongong District Court. The case proceeded to sentencing for the lessor charge.

On sentence, we submitted that our client was a well educated man of good character, and the offence was completely out of the ordinary. We argued that our client has good prospects of rehabilitation, and that recidivism is low.

Our client was sentenced to an Intensive Correction Order (ICO) for one year and 10 months, and 300 hours of community service.

This was an exceptional result, given the seriousness of the matter and the injuries suffered by the victim.

Our client was sentenced in the Wollongong Local Court to 7 months full time custody for a fraud. Our client had prior convictions for fraud matters, this being taken into account by Magistrate Stoddart on sentencing in the local court. Our client’s family instructed us to represent our client in the Wollongong District Court. We had the matter listed for a bail application in the District Court prior to the appeal hearing date. We managed to get an urgent bail application listed within 48 hours. Bail was granted by Judge Haesler.

The matter proceeded to severity appeal before the District Court in June 2018.

We prepared a very strong subjective case including getting psychological material and ensuring our client undertook a few financial counselling courses. which we knew would asssit in his appeal. We were able to persuade Judge Haesler on the appeal to allow the appeal and deal with the matters by way of a community service order. The jail sentenced was quashed.

Our client was charged with driving with a illicit drug in her blood. This is a serious charge which carries a 6 months disqualification upon conviction. Furthermore our client was on her provisional licence and had her child in the vehicle at the time of the offence.

Our client instructed our firm that a disqualification would have a detrimental effect on her family life, particularly on her child who was required to attend regularly medical treatment.

The matter proceeded before Magistrate Swaine at Fairfield. Our solicitor argued that our client had smoked cannabis a number of days prior to the offence and was not aware that cannabis can last in the blood for up to six weeks.

Furthermore medical evidence was presented regarding our clients need to drive her child to medical appointments. It was further argued our clients good character and remorse would enable the court to be lenient on this occasion and not record a conviction

The court agreed and placed our client a bond pursuant to Section 10. No conviction meant no penalty or disqualification.

Our client was charged with driving under the influence of drugs (cannabis).

The police Facts Sheet stated that our client smoked cannabis at 5:30 am then drove at 12 pm of the same day.

Whilst driving, our client had an accident in which he sustained injuries. Upon being stopped by police our client was breath tested and returned a reading of 0.00. He was conveyed to hospital for his injuries and was observed by police having blood shot eyes and being ‘dazed, drowsy, and with slow speech’.

This prompted police to question our client about his cannabis use, to which he admitted to having used that morning.

A blood test revealed our client had present delta-9-THC less than 0.005mg per letre of blood and delta 9-THC- acid 0.026 mg per letre of blood.

Our solicitors obtained expert evidence from a psychologist that found the level of cannabis in our client’s blood could not have impaired our clients driving ability. In light of this evidence, we advised our client to plead not guilty and take the matter to hearing.

At the Downing Centre Local Court hearing before Magistrate Gilmour, the prosecution submitted expert evidence that our client was influenced by THC to the extent that his ability to drive was affected. Our solicitor submitted our psychologists report giving evidence contrary to the prosecution. The conflicting expert evidence was enough to cast reasonable doubt over the issue.

Her Honour found our client not guilty. An excellent result achieved by our dedicated solicitors.

Our client appeared at Downing Centre Local Court charged with driving whilst under the influence of a prohibited drug. He came before the Court as a young man with a terrible traffic record, having been suspended 9 times in the short time he held a licence and having 13 speeding fines on his record.

Our client had a special need for a licence and showed he could change his ways having committed no offences since his last suspension other than the offence which brought him before the Court and having completed the traffic offender Program.

Our solicitors managed to negotiate the facts with the Police and with a well prepared case was sentenced to a good behaviour bond with no conviction and no disqualification for a period of twelve months.

Our client was charged for his role in importing a commercial quantity of a prohibited drug, being 585kg of Methamphetamine. He was also charged with the supply of 47g of methamphetamine, as a separate charge.

This was the largest ever recorded importation of methamphetamine in Australia’s history.

The offence carries a maximum term of imprisonment of life.

Our client was 21 years old at the time of the offence, and was recruited by others to participate in the movement of the drugs from the warehouse, upon them arriving in Australia. He was clearly a person who had a minor role in the offence and had little control over the enterprise and its operations.

He was recruited to undertake certain tasks, to enable those above him to keep a distance from detection.

Adam from our office fought hard to establish a strong case for leniency for our client, and was successful in establishing many mitigating circumstances that would lessen the overall jail term.

The case appeared before Sweeney J, in Sydney District Court in June 2014.

Our client was sentenced to a non-parole period of 4 years imprisonment.

An extraordinary result for an extremely serious charge.

Our client instructed our firm that a disqualification would have a detrimental effect on her family life, particularly on her child who was required to attend regularly medical treatment.

The matter proceeded before Magistrate Swaine at Fairfield. Our solicitor argued that our client had smoked cannabis a number of days prior to the offence and was not aware that cannabis can last in the blood for up to six weeks. Furthermore medical evidence was presented regarding our clients need to drive her child to medical appointments.

It was further argued our client’s good character and remorse would enable the court to be lenient on this occasion and not record a conviction

The court agreed and placed our client a bond pursuant to Section 10. No conviction meant no penalty or disqualification.

Our client was charged with a Mid Range PCA driving offence. Her blood alcohol concentration was 0.095. This offence carries heavy fines, an automatic period of disqualification for 12 months and a possible prison sentence.

It was essential for our client to keep her licence as she had three children in school and needed to drive them a considerable distance to school from her home.

She was also the sole carer of her mother who suffered from bipolar disorder. Her mother was heavily reliant upon our client to take her to medical appointments and treatment for her illness.

We advised our client that attending the Traffic Offenders Program would greatly assist her case, which she attended to diligently.

In May 2013 our client came before Magistrate Scherr at Burwood Local Court. Our solicitors submitted to the Court details of our client’s circumstances and evidence that she had completed the Traffic Offenders Program.

Our client received a Section 10(1)(b) bond for a period of 6 months. This meant that our client could continue driving without a penalty or a criminal record and did not receive any disqualification for committing the offence.

It also meant that our client’s criminal and traffic record remained clean. An excellent result for our client

Our client was charged with drink drinking, with a reading of 0.12. Our client was a truck driver who needed his license for work and being the sole provider for his family, we argued that his family would also suffer if he lost his licence.

Because our client could not speak English, he was unable to undertake the traffic offenders program.

Our Traffic and Drink Driving Lawyer appeared at Fairfield Local Court and was able to successfully argue for a Section 10, even though our client couldn’t undertake the traffic offenders program and the reading was on the higher end of the Mid- Range.

The court accepted there was extenuating circumstances and accepted that our client’s need for a licence and very good traffic record outweighed the need to record a conviction.

Our client received no penalty at all, and got his licence back from the court there and then

Our client was arrested by Police in breach of bail, when his partner made allegations against him stating he had assaulted her and he had threatened her with a gun. Police attended the premises and found a rifle hidden in the garden and found a several other gun parts.

Despite all odds, our solicitor obtained bail. In order to do so, she had to show new circumstances, as a prior application had been made, she then had to show cause under the new bail act, and satisfy the magistrate that he was not an unacceptable risk.

To achieve this, our solicitor’s preparation was key. She contacted witnesses and obtained statements which were crucial to the success of the application, enabling us to challenge the Crown case and show it was weak and our client’s detention was not justified.

Bail was granted by Magistrate McGlynn at Parramatta Local Court in early March 2015.

Our client was charged with serious offences of Supplying a Large Commercial Quantity of Prohibited Drug (approximately 2kg).His bail application in Burwood Local Court was refused.

We proceeded to the Supreme Court of NSW, where another application for bail was made on his behalf in June 2012.

After a 2 day hearing, our client was granted strict conditional bail. Our team successfully argued the following points:

  1. It would be not for another 12-18 months that our client’s case would go to trial, and if bail refused, he would have to wait this long in jail for his case to be heard.
  2. Despite the seriousness of the charge, there was no suggestion that he would leave the country or flee to avoid facing these charges.
  3. He had strong community ties and his family all in Australia.
  4. The prosecution case was a weak one, and there was some chance of him being acquitted of the charges.

Our client is now free to properly prepare his case and challenge the charges that have been put against him

Our client had an AVO in place against him that included that he not contact the victim by any means.

During the course of the AVO period, it was alleged that our client breached the AVO more than 100 times, by sending harassing emails to the victim.

We negotiated with the prosecution to reduce the number of emails sent to the victim, ultimately reducing the number of breaches to 40. Our client then pleaded guilty to an amended set of facts.

The matter appeared before Magistrate Holdsworth at Liverpool Local Court in May 2015. Our client’s case was diligently prepared with supporting evidence to argue his Section 10 application. This included character witness evidence, those of who also attended court on the day of sentencing. Also was evidence of overseas work travel, that which would not be possible if with a criminal conviction.

Ms. Holdsworth agreed with our submission, and proceeded to place our client on a Section 10 good behaviour bond.

Our client was charged with the offence of common assault.

His wife had alleged that our client kicked her in the stomach during a heated argument. Our client denied these allegations, saying that the contact he made was accidental and non-intentional. Our client then pleaded not guilty and the matter proceeded to a defended hearing.

Our solicitor vigorously cross-examined the alleged victim about her version of events.

Our client also gave evidence regarding his version of events. After hearing all the evidence the court found that the prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that our client had intentionally kicked his wife in the stomach, as alleged by the prosecution.

Our client was found not guilty and remains criminal conviction free.