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The Bail Act 2013 (NSW)


Bail is a legal term familiar to most people due to crime-related television shows and movies. Most people understand that bail involves the temporary release of an accused person from police custody, under a set…

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Is Spitting On Someone Assault?


While it may not seem like it, spitting on someone can be a crime.  Under the Crimes Act 1900, spitting on someone is considered an assault if it is committed with intent or recklessness.  Spitting…

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Getting Arrested: The Right to Remain Silent and ‘Miranda Rights’ in Australia


The Miranda Rights are so familiar to those of us who watch US police television shows that we can almost recite the words by memory.  But while the Miranda Rights are a staple of Hollywood…

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How to Write a Character Reference for Court


What is a Character Reference for Court? A character reference letter is a document used in court proceedings to portray the positive aspects of a person who is charged with an offence. It helps give…

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Is Prostitution Legal in Australia?


Prostitution and the sex work industry have been contested amongst lawmakers and the general public since their inception, resulting in ambiguity and contradiction over the past 40 years. Australia has one of the more liberal…

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How to Stop Our War on Drugs


Australians are no strangers when it comes to illicit drug use. According to the United Nation’s 2014 World Drug Report Australia surpasses every other country when it comes to ecstasy and cannabis use, was third…

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Mistaken Identity and Being Charged for a Crime You Didn’t Commit


Mistaken Identity and Being Charged for a Crime You Didn’t Commit There are plenty of legendary stories about mistaken identities, from celebrity mix-ups to the return of long-lost relatives. Take for instance the identity mix-up…

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Is the NSW Government’s enforcement of payment of tolls unconstitutional?


Our Principal, Adam Ly, appeared on Channel 7 News to provide his opinion on whether the requirement that road tolls be paid was unconstitutional. Bob Jervis of Queenland argues that the imposition of toll charges…

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Profiting off our Prisoners


Profiting Off of Our Prisoners According to a report by Sentencing Project titled International Growth Trends in Prison Privatization, Australia has the highest number of inmates in privately operated prisons than anywhere else in the…

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Is justice only just for the rich?


Is justice only just for the rich? Despite 20 years of reported economic growth in Australia, many people live in poverty. Reported estimates range from 11.8% to 20% of Australians living in poverty with an…

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