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Looking to get a section 10? Our Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers have successfully represented thousands of clients who have been charged with DUI offences.

First Time Offence

There are a range of of drink driving offences, those of which are listed below.

Generally, if it is your first drink driving offence, or you have not committed any drink driving offence for many years, you may have a chance at avoiding a conviction and licence disqualification.

Section 10 – No Convictions

We have been incredibly successful at achieving ‘section 10’ no convictions for our clients charged with drink driving. We believe that meticulous preparation of your case is the trick to achieving a section 10.

Obtaining the right character references from the right people is crucial to building a strong case that you should not be disqualified from driving.

We will provide you with all the information you and your referees need to write a perfect reference for court. In addition to obtaining the right paperwork for your case, and included in our service to you, we will register you into the appropriate Traffic Offenders Program in preparation for your hearing.

Our fees are very competitive compared to other highly reputable Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers.

Our client was charged with a Mid Range PCA driving offence. Her blood alcohol concentration was 0.095. This offence carries heavy fines, an automatic period of disqualification for 12 months and a possible prison sentence.

It was essential for our client to keep her licence as she had three children in school and needed to drive them a considerable distance to school from her home.

She was also the sole carer of her mother who suffered from bipolar disorder. Her mother was heavily reliant upon our client to take her to medical appointments and treatment for her illness.

We advised our client that attending the Traffic Offenders Program would greatly assist her case, which she attended to diligently.

In May 2013 our client came before Magistrate Scherr at Burwood Local Court. Our solicitors submitted to the Court details of our client’s circumstances and evidence that she had completed the Traffic Offenders Program.

Our client received a Section 10(1)(b) bond for a period of 6 months. This meant that our client could continue driving without a penalty or a criminal record and did not receive any disqualification for committing the offence.

It also meant that our client’s criminal and traffic record remained clean. An excellent result for our client

Our client came before the Court charged with having middle range prescribed concentration of alcohol (0.085).

Our client had no prior criminal record and had a clean traffic record. She had obtained her drivers licence in 2000 and did not commit any traffic offences up until the charge that brought her before the Court.

Our client acted on the advice of our experienced criminal lawyer and completed the traffic offenders intervention program and obtained reference letters from her family members, employer and provided a letter of apology to the Court demonstrating how sorry she was for what she had done.

Our client was facing a maximum penalty of $2,200.00 fine or 9 months imprisonment or both as well as an automatic licence disqualification of 12 months with a minimum disqualification of 6 months.

Our experienced criminal solicitor prepared submissions highlighting our client’s good character and lack of criminal record and need for licence. Magistrate Miszalski took into consideration our client’s remorse, good character and lack of criminal record. His Honour exercised discretion and found the offence proven but did not record a conviction.

Our client received a non-conviction (s 10) and placed on a bond for 12 months.
She was truly grateful for the work put into her case by the experienced criminal lawyer.

Our client was charged with drink drinking, with a reading of 0.12. Our client was a truck driver who needed his license for work and being the sole provider for his family, we argued that his family would also suffer if he lost his licence.

Because our client could not speak English, he was unable to undertake the traffic offenders program.

Our Traffic and Drink Driving Lawyer appeared at Fairfield Local Court and was able to successfully argue for a Section 10, even though our client couldn’t undertake the traffic offenders program and the reading was on the higher end of the Mid- Range.

The court accepted there was extenuating circumstances and accepted that our client’s need for a licence and very good traffic record outweighed the need to record a conviction.

Our client received no penalty at all, and got his licence back from the court there and then

Our client was on her provisional licence and was charged with special range drink driving and was facing the possibility of a 6 months disqualification.

Our client looked after her grandmother and was a single mother to a 3 year old child. Our client was sentenced at Fairfield Local Court before LCM Swaine.

Our solicitor argued that a loss of licence would significantly impact on the clients ability to work, care for her grandmother and raise her child.

The court agreed with our solicitor that a section 10 would be a appropriate penalty given the circumstance of the client.

The client got to kept her licence and tend to the proper care of her grandmother.

Our client was charged with driving with a middle range PCA, and his licence was immediately suspended.

After our client was charged he instructed a firm in Nowra, New South Wales near the location in which the offence was detected, this was also a significant drive from where our client resided in Western Sydney.

The firm of solicitors who our client initially instructed failed to manage our clients matter adequately. Our client came to us in need of help.

We took on the case and had it moved to Fairfield Local Court which was a more convenient location for our client to travel to.

We assisted our client with entering the traffic offenders program and ensuring all his court documents were well prepared for his sentence hearing.

At the sentence hearing we made the submission before Magistrate Coombes that our client’s matter should be dealt with by way of section 10 on the basis that the offence was close to the low range and that the 2 month licence suspension already served since the date of the offence was an adequate punishment.

Our client received a section 10 and had his licence reinstated on the day of his sentence hearing.

This was an excellent outcome and a relief for our client and his family.

Our client was charged with a Low Range PCA with a reading of 0.072. He had been hosting a function in the city where his wine glass was frequently being refilled making it difficult to measure the amount of alcohol he consumed.

It was imperative for our client to keep his licence. He was employed as a sales representative which required travelling daily across the Sydney metropolitan area, regional NSW areas and interstate. His employer provided a letter which confirmed that without a driver’s licence, our client would have his employment terminated.

A loss of licence and employment would have devastating consequences for our client and his family, who were struggling to repay the mortgage and support their 4 children. To make matters worse, our client lived in a remote area near the Blue Mountains some 20 kilometres from public transport.

The matter was before Magistrate Stubbs at Windsor Local Court. Our solicitor made a compelling case in mitigation which addressed proof of minimal public transport, bushfire risks and the requirement for a licence for employment. Our client was also a man of good character and standing in the community without any criminal antecedents.

Her Honour dealt with our client’s case by way of a section 10. Our client was able to keep his job, his house and ensure the safety of his family in an isolated rural area.

Our client was very pleased with this excellent result.

Our client was a single father of two boys, a high school teacher, and heavily involved in community sporting events.

He was charged with mid-range PCA and wanted to keep his record clean. Our lawyer enrolled him in the Traffic Offenders program, assisted him to obtain reference letters and prepared submissions for his case.

She appeared before Local Court Magistrate Prowse at Bankstown Local Court. Upon hearing the submissions, unusually, His Honour stood the matter in the list for the client to purchase a breathalyser to keep in his glove box.

As our client had been suspended on the spot and had come alone to court, our lawyer drove him to the nearest “Supercheap Auto” store in order to purchase one.

Ultimately, His Honour gave our client a Section 10 bond for 12 months. He was able to keep his licence and is record clean.

Our client was a 26 year old Sales Manager for one of Sydney’s top hotels. She was charged with mid-range PCA and desperately needed to keep her record clean and hang on to her driver’s licence.

Our lawyer enrolled her into the Traffic Offenders Program and prepared her matter for sentence. Our lawyer appeared before His Honour Longley at Burwood Local Court and made compelling submissions regarding our client’s need for a licence as well as her outstanding reputation among her family and colleagues.

His Honour decided to deal with the matter by way of a Section 10 (1)(b) Bond which meant that our client could keep her clean record and her driver’s licence.

Our client was charged with a middle range PCA offence. The reading was 0.083. He had been at a university function and mistakenly measured the level of alcohol in his body going by the 1 drink per hour myth.

He was detected by police just 50 metres down the road from his house. His licence was suspended on the spot.

He entered into the traffic offenders program and completed the program with excellent remarks from the co-ordinator.

The sentence hearing took place at Blacktown Local court before His Honour Magistrate Keady. Our solicitor argued that the 2 months he has spent off the road during the police suspension was a sufficient penalty, and that given his sincere remorse and responsible attitude he should receive the leniency of a section 10.

His Honour agreed and our client received a section 10(1)(b) bond for a period of 12 months.

That was a great result for our client.