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If you receive a summons to give evidence at a public enquiry or compulsory examination you should arrange for a free consultation with us.

There is potential that answers you give to questions might implicate you in being involved in or complicit in corrupt conduct of yourself or another.

Failing to attend the hearing or refusal to answer relevant questions can attract a period of up to 5 years imprisonment as outlined in the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act.

If you receive a summons you have no right to silence. The commission has powers which can oblige witnesses to give evidence in both Private examinations and Public hearings.

There are rights to object to certain questions. LY Lawyers can have one of our experienced lawyers act for you at the hearing and ensure protection of your rights with the view of avoiding criminal charges.

You may be entitled to protection from any answers you may apply to the Commission for protection from the answers you give being used against you in prosecution for a future criminal matter or in civil proceedings.

We have experienced solicitors from our firm who were involved in Operation Tarlo (February – March 2016) and Operation Ricco (May – July 2017).
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