92 People Charged with Drugs at Splendour in the Grass Music Festival

Charged with a Drug Offence at Splendour in the grass?

Over the weekend 30,000 people ventured to Byron Bay to listen to acts such as Tame Impala, Peking Duk, Flight Facilities and Mark Ronson. With plenty of photos and videos flooding all forms of social media, it appears that the event was a great success.

Unfortunately for 92 people the event was mired by the fact that they were caught in possession of drugs and subsequently charged, whilst 75 other festival-goers were issued with an official caution for cannabis possession.

Whilst 92 people were formally charged for being in possession of a prohibited substance most were for minor possession charges, there were a number of people caught with large quantities of drugs in their possession.

Two 18 year old men were caught with what appeared to be 398 cardboard squares thought to be LSD whilst a 19 year old man was arrested in possession of 92 MDMA tablets, 26 LSD tabs and 35 grams of cannabis.

In total over the weekend 468 grams of illicit substances were seized by the police and just less than 100 court attendance notices were issued.

How can our experienced Sydney Drug Lawyers help you?

Drug possession charges can be quite serious depending on the amount of illicit substance that you are caught in possession of sometimes even resulting in a term of imprisonment being imposed. In most matters it is likely that an experienced Criminal Lawyer who has experience in drug matters will be able to get the best possible result for you which may even include having no conviction recorded against your name. Your chances at getting a “Section 10” are greatly increased by having an experienced drug offence lawyer on your side. We know what the magistrates want to hear.

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Have your case transferred to Sydney

If you have been given a Court Attendance Notice and live in Sydney it is likely that you would not like the prospect of having to travel up to Byron Bay to attend court. Our experienced Criminal Lawyers can you help you apply to have your court date moved to a closer court for your convenience.

We can do this by making an application to transfer the case, which is an option that may be available to those who wish to plead guilty. If this application is not approved by the court, then we can send a qualified solicitor on your behalf and have the matter completed for you, without you having to worry about a thing.

The prospect of a drug conviction can be an extremely scary proposition, however with the right help you can ensure that the best possible outcome in your matter is achieved. LY Lawyers are Sydney’s leading drug law experts, for free and confidential advice please contact us on 1300 595 299.