City to Surf 2013

This year LY Lawyers will again participate in the City to Surf!

We ran the race last year. It was an awesome day, with great weather and a huge turnout.

Our firm were proud to enter the race to raise much needed charity for Odyssey House Sydney.

Odyssey House is a terrific organisation that has been operating for more than 30 years, helping those addicted to drugs reform and rehabilitate.

People and society in general often underestimate the importance of drug rehabilitation clinics and organisations such as Odyssey House. Drug rehabilitation not only helps the individual, but society as a whole, reducing crime and demands on health and medical services. It is a vital part of a clean and orderly society.

As criminal lawyers, we often see those disadvantaged individuals who have fallen into the trap of drug addiction, and quite often end up in jail simply for using and possessing drugs. Sometimes it is not completely their choice to get on drugs. Their disadvantaged upbringing and lack of support often leads to them turning to drugs as an outlet for life’s problems.

Last year, Joe of our office ran the fastest time, 69 minutes!

Can’t wait for the race this year…