Finger print drug testing: A new way to test for drug use?

Are the days of testing for drug use through saliva or blood samples numbered?

New research findings suggest that they might be. Researchers from England believe they have found a way to determine if a person has ingested cocaine through a simple finger print test.

The current way that law enforcement agencies test for drug use is through either a blood or saliva sample, both of which take a significant amount of time to gain a definitive result. Furthermore these tests only test for cannabis speed and ecstasy. For more information on drug offences click here 

This research could potentially change the way with which drug testing is carried out and make it much easier because it is not invasive, hygienic and is impossible to fake.

According to the studies lead author, Melanie Bailey, the test is a simple one, when a person ingests cocaine they excrete traces of benzoylecgonine and methylecgonine which have been found to be present in finger print residue. The test itself only takes a few minutes to perform opening up the possibility for large amounts of drug tests at public venues to be carried out relatively easily and in a short period of time.

This simple technique which could revolutionise how drug tests are administered is not yet ready for mass distribution as it is still quite an expensive test and currently can only detect cocaine use. There is hope however that this test will be available for widespread use by all forms of law enforcement agencies within the next decade.

The possibilities that this method of testing could create are numerous, there is hopes that less expensive portable versions of the test will be available for sports drug testing, drug testing at scenes of crimes, testing at large venues such as Stereosonic as well as drug testing at the roadside.

This could mean that getting caught with drugs or caught drug driving could in the near future be a lot easier for law enforcement agencies to prove.

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