Joseph Guest Lecturing at Liverpool Boys High School

On 23 May 2014, Joseph Harb, Solicitor at LY Lawyers, today took out his own time as a guest lecturer at Liverpool Boys High School. Joseph lectured year 12 students at the school on various topics relating to Crime and Criminal Law.

It was Joseph’s pleasure to educate the legal studies students on many important aspects of Criminal Law and Procedure.

Amongst the topics discussed were:

1.   Police Powers,

2.   Criminal Defences,

3.   Sentencing,

4.   How the Criminal Trial Process achieves justice for the Victim, Offender and the Community,

5.   Current landmark cases and how justice was achieved in those cases (for eg: Thomas Kelly death, Constable Rixon murder),

6.   The right to silence


It was pleasing to see that the students were very engaged and quite educated in Criminal Law and Justice.

We look forward to continuing lecturing Legal Studies students within our local communities.

Great job Joseph!!!