LY Lawyers Exhibitor at UWS Law School Careers Night 2015

Last night Adam and Joseph of LY Lawyers attended the University of Western Sydney Law School Careers Night.

We took the opportunity to interview several applicants for a position as a Law Clerk at our Firm, with a view of filling a position as a Junior Solicitor upon their admission. There were plenty of excellent applications, including:

Naomi Cole, Andrew Konstantinidis, Stephanie Truong, Lee Maggs, Wendy Elias, Sonam Maharaj, Michelle Hakeem, Hiam Barghachour, Aylin Harapoz, Hikmat Al-Malliki, Jacqueline Duong, Mitchell Klievens, Phillip Vo, Ashraf Ahmad, Nathan Yaniuk, Ryan Campbell, Diana Essa, Simone Athanassios….and many more.


It was a fantastic night, and a very rewarding experience to speak to and motivate the UWS Law Students who attended.

In the following weeks we will be interviewing all of the potential candidates and filling the role.

Good luck to everyone who applied!


Thanks to UWS Law School for the invitation, and their continuing support of our firm. In particular, we would like to thank Michael Adams, Stephanie Moran, John Juriansz and Linda Nguyen for organising this awesome event!