New laws gives hope to disqualified drivers

New law gives hope to disqualified drivers

The NSW Parliament has introduced a new law giving disqualified drivers the chance to have their disqualification period reduced, or even lifted.

Can you apply?

As of the 28th October 2017, if you were disqualified because you were declared a habitual offender, or because you committed any other driving offence, and you have not committed any other offence for 2 years, then you can apply to have your disqualification lifted.

If you were disqualified because you committed a major offence such as drink driving, or an offence of exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 km/h, or an offence involving street racing or an aggravated burnout, and have committed no offence for 4 years, then you can apply to have your disqualification lifted.

What will the court consider?

When an application is made, we will then go to court and put forward your case. The magistrate will consider a number of things, including:

  • safety of the public
  • your driving history
  • the offence which led to your disqualification
  • whether public transport is a viable option
  • family and work commitments
  • whether a licence is necessary for medical or financial reasons

What should I bring?

Depending on your reasons for applying to have your disqualification lifted, we will need to bring documents to court to support the application, these may include:

  • a letter from your employer
  • a letter from a family member
  • public transport timetables and routes
  • a letter from your GP

What happens if my disqualification is lifted?

Once your disqualification is lifted, it does not mean you can drive yet.

If your application is successful, you must then apply for your licence through the RMS before you can start driving again.

What if you want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about what these new laws mean for you, please call our LY Lawyers on 1300 595 299.