LY Lawyers partnership with South West Sydney Legal Centre

LY Lawyers are proud to announce a new partnership with the South West Sydney Legal Centre (SWSLC) in Liverpool.

SWSLC is an independent, non-profit community organisation that provides legal advice, representation, education and referral for individuals and groups who live or work in South West Sydney and who cannot afford a lawyer. LY Lawyers have been strategically appointed to provide free advice during clinic hours as well as representation for those in need.

Clients referred from the SWSLC are often ineligible for legal aid due to their income; yet don’t earn enough to pay for a private lawyer. Our partnership with SWSLC means that those clients can be assisted by LY Lawyers at reduced fees.

LY Lawyers was established in Liverpool more than 10 years ago, in a simple small office in George Street, across the road from Liverpool Local Court house, consisting of our Adam, our Principal and his now wife as his secretary. The firm owes very much to the local community for its achievements and for its growth over the years to what it is today. Our firm is dedicated to giving back to the Sydney South West community.

For any inquiries please contact Sydney South West Legal Centre on (02) 9601 7777 or go to their website www.swslc.org.au