Team LY Lawyers runs City to Surf 2014

This year team LY Lawyers ran the annual City to Surf 2014, in support of our charity “Kids with Cancer”.

Joseph, Lindsay, Rayan and Bernadette from our office ran the race this year.

The City to Surf has become an annual event on the LY Lawyers calendar, as we use the race to raise much needed funds to various charities.

The charity has become a huge organisation, doing good work to not only find a cure for cancer, but to build and develop hospitals to care for kids with the deadly disease. Whilst our donation would have been only a small drop in the well, we were proud to be giving  back to the community in our own little way.

In addition to charity fundraising events like the City to Surf 2014, LY Lawyers are continually committed to participating in community events to raise awareness about Crime and Traffic Law, and to help those unfortunate minority groups that really need it.

We would like to thank all of our sponsored who donated money to the cause this year. We managed to raise a lot more than last year!

Thanks to Bernadette Tuazon, paralegal at LY Lawyers, for putting so much effort into the uniforms and organising the day.


See you at the starting line next year!