The Truth about LY Lawyers Facebook Marketing

LY Lawyers Facebook Marketing- The Truth

Recently, since the introduction of our sponsored Facebook Ads, there has been a raft of stories in the Media, both online and print, critisising our marketing practices.

We’ve been unindated with requests for interviews from print media, radio stations and independent online media outlets.

Many people in the community have been scathing of our advertising, particularly those who express their opinions in forums such as Facebook. Following an article written by The Sydney Morning Herald, some have referred to us as ‘filthy f$%^# dogs’, ‘ambulance chasers’ and ‘filthy rats’. 

However, there have been many articles that have supported us, and our marketing, including:



…and many others.

So we’ve taken the opportunity to have our say, and provide our side of the story.

We are not encouraging or condoning drug use

Our sponsored ads do not target drug users. In fact, it is certain that Facebook are not capable of profiling individuals based on an interest in taking drugs. What our Facebook advertising does is promote our services to potential first offenders, those who predominately use Facebook as their choice of social networking. Our ads do not promote the use of drugs, but rather, present a means of contact with lawyers who could provide affordable assistance to first time offenders.

The sole reason why we target these festival goers is because they fall into our targeted demographic. The targeted demographic at festivals includes, the overwhelming majority of the time, first offenders caught with possession of drugs. In doing so, we effectively deliver our message to them: that they can get affordable legal representation from experts in the field. It is important for them that these first offenders given the opportunity to seek proper legal advice before fronting up to court. Very often, many of our clients advise us that they are informed by the authorities that they don’t even need to attend court, and can “just send in the Notice of Pleading form”, and have the case dealt with in their absence. Not good advice!!!

It is a bleedingly obvious fact that the younger generation will experiment with drugs. It would be nonsense to suggest that a criminal lawyers advertising could really have any effect on the comsumption of illicit substances, increasing or otherwise. In fact, it is widely argued that proper legal advice from a lawyer that specialises in drug cases can often assist in the rehabilitation process. Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable (for lawyers) in the field of rehabilitation, court based drug diversionary programs, and community based intervention programs aimed at rehabilitating young offenders. In fact we very often refer our clients to programs involving drug rehabilitation and others to promote lifestyle changes. That is part of any criminal lawyer’s job.

We’ve sponsored Odyssey House (Residential Rehabilitation Clinic) in charity events in the past, been guest speaker at the Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment Program (MERIT), and have been strong and outspoken advocates of drug rehabilitation.

We continue to work closely with community based rehabilitation programs to help our clients on the road to recovery.

Everyone charged with a criminal offence deserves the best legal representation at an affordable price

However, many do not know where to find it!

Many of the clients we help that have been charged with drug offences at music festivals/nighclubs and parties simply do not know where to start to find an affordable lawyer that are experts in Criminal Law. A large majority of the time, they are first offenders. Most of those who they are acquainted to have never encountered the court system, or been charged with a criminal offence. Where would they start to find good legal help?

Facebook has provided us with the means to communicate with those people.

We ensure that every client we represent, young or old, is provided with the best possible representation in court at a very affordable price.

We do not market our services to hardened criminals, serial offenders or serious offending. Quite the opposite…we direct our social media advertising to first offenders. Those who, as the courts often determine, deserve a second chance and continue on with their lives and careers without the blackmark of a criminal conviction next to their name.

Most of our clients ARE first offenders. They have a lot to lose from a criminal conviction next to their name. As “Brad” who commented on the SMH Facebook page asserts:

“Young people who might try a bit of grass or pills shouldn’t have to ruin their careers by having a criminal record, and it’s good for them to be able to know who they can call, who might specialise in getting them off the charges.”

Educating people of their rights through the use of Social Media

Facebook is a fantastic platform to connect and communicate with audiences of a younger demographic. The purpose is not just to “trawl” for potential clients, or “target drug users”. Those expressions are flawed expressions designed by media outlets to conjure anger and controversy and attract readers to the article. Our Facebook page is regularly updated with interesting posts updating our followers in changes to the law, interesting legal articles we author and sharing our experiences as Criminal Lawyers in Sydney.

Representing people accused of crime: This is our job!

We, as criminal lawyers, are not particularly admired by society….generalising of course. How could any advertising campaign, whether social media, TV, radio or billboard be complimented when by the very nature of our market, is targeted at alleged criminals?

It would be near impossible to please all when it comes to advertising to our market in this industry.

If we advertise our drink driving services are we promoting drink driving? Are we promoting alcoholism?

These are all very interesting questions, many we would assume are very rarely asked by critics of our services and our profession in general.

LY Lawyers- Continuing to Lead the Way

Despite what the minority may think of us, we will continue to fight in what we believe in….good people make bad mistakes, and they should have the best lawyers at an affordable price on their side. We will continue to aggressively fight for our clients for the best result possible. They wouldn’t expect anything else from us.

We will continue to be leaders of cutting edge marketing and public relations practices, and expand our digital footprint to reach out to those who deserve us by their side during an extremely difficult period in their lives.