The traffic offenders program

The traffic offenders program

Been charged with a drink driving or a traffic offence and looking for a lenient sentence?

The Traffic Offenders Program (TOP) is a driver education and awareness program run by the PCYC.

The program is held at PCYCs across Sydney and covers topics such as:

  • The effects of drugs and alcohol on driving,
  • Road rules and the role of emergency services in responding to crash sites,
  • Experiences with drink driving and dangerous traffic offending where presenters often include police officers, victims of car accidents, lawyers and paramedics.

What is the traffic offenders program and how will it help me?

The program involves attendance at a 2 hour class once a week for a period of 6 weeks.

At the completion of the program, participants complete a reflection task and are issued with a Certificate of Completion from the PCYC.

Magistrates across Sydney routinely direct defendants charged with drink driving offences and other traffic offences to complete the program before being sentenced.

Attendance at the traffic offenders program is entirely at your own free will. However, Magistrates will very rarely consider giving you a Section 10 without attending the traffic offenders program.

Where is the traffic offenders program held?

The traffic offenders program is usually held at PCYCs throughout Sydney and NSW.

For a comprehensive list of the program locations click below:


For examples of case studies where our clients have completed the traffic offenders program, go to:


At LY Lawyers, we always recommend that our clients participate and complete the traffic offenders program, particularly for P-platers. Completing the program goes a long way in demonstrating to a Magistrate that you have learnt from your mistake and that you are unlikely to re-offend.

Call LY Lawyers on 1300 595 299 to speak to one of our experienced traffic lawyers. We will assist you to enrol in your nearest TOP and prepare your traffic matter.