Farewell Magistrate Jim Coombes

On 14 November 2014, Adam and Joseph of LY Lawyers attended Fairfield RSL for the farewell of Magistrate Jim Coombes, who has now retired as a Local Court Magistrate.

In attendance were much of the local legal fraternity, who joined in to celebrate his retirement.

Mr. Coombes spent most of his final years on the bench at Fairfield Local Court, where he conducted mainly criminal law matters. Known as a true gentlemen, Mr. Coombes was considered by all as a fair decision maker for both the prosecution and the defence.

Outside of him time making decisions in the Local Court, Mr. Coombes was a champion for Mental Health Reform for prisoners in NSW jails. He continues to advocate the rights of those with mental illnesses who find themselves in jail, when they should more appropriately be in a mental health institution. He has been, and continues to push for additional treatment for prisoners who suffer from mental health illnesses.

We appeared before Mr. Coombes in a countless number of cases at Fairfield Local Court, and have always found him to be a charming, polite and easygoing Magistrate. His decisions, whilst not always in our favour, were fair and sound decisions made according to the law and the facts of the case.

Mr. Coombes was a very much loved Magistrate and will be sorely missed by all.


Congratulations on your retirement Mr. Coombes!