How to negotiate with Police

How to negotiate with Police


Why negotiate with the Police?

Dealing with police can be the most important part of criminal proceedings. The police are ultimately responsible for laying criminal charges at the first instance, particularly for matters dealt with in the local court. Negotiating with police often involves making changes to police facts sheets which an offender will be sentenced on or negotiating the charges which an offender will be sentenced on.

How do I negotiate lessor charges with Police?

Sometimes the police lay charges that are a great deal more serious than the evidence available. For example, the police may lay a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm when there is no proof of the harm. It might be in your interests to negotiate the charge for a lesser charge of common assault. Sometimes it is not in your interests to negotiate with police as it could give away too much information about possible flaws in the police case which you could potentially use to win your case and have the charge/s dismissed. Every case is different and requires specific legal advice.

How do I change the Police facts in my case?

It can be extremely beneficial to in some cases, but not all cases, to challenge the police facts outside of court. This can be done by writing letters and speaking with the officer in charge or the police prosecutors. The reason this can be so helpful to your case is that the police facts may include aggravating factors that could lead the magistrate to give you a more severe sentence than they otherwise would. For example, the facts may include evidence that you committed other offences that you have not been charged.  This is irrelevant and could potentially prejudice your sentence.

Negotiating with police can significantly reduce the costs of your legal fees. We are here to help you and resolve your case it in the most efficient manner for you! If your lawyer can successfully negotiate with police it could save you from a drawn out hearing or multiple curt appearances.

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