Important tips you need to know when attending Stereo ’15 this weekend

Important tips you need to know when attending Stereo ’15 this weekend

With the welcome weather changes sweeping across Sydney it is also the official start of “Festival Season” in Sydney with one of the biggest festivals in the country, Stereosonic starting this weekend.

With drug use in the spotlight more than ever before you can be certain that there will be a heavy police presence at all festivals this party season with presumably high numbers of arrests for festival goers for drug related incidents.

Knowing your rights can help you immensely and give you the best prospects of protecting yourself.

Below we at LY Lawyers have written a list of tips that you should know about dealing with Police at a music festival.

  1. Do not consent to a search, but do not resist

You must understand that Police only have the right to search you if they have a “reasonable suspicion” that you are committing or about to commit a criminal offence (in this situation, possessing or supplying a prohibited drug). In other words, shaking a mates hand does not give Police the right to search you because they think that POSSIBLY you have supplied him/her drugs. You should always ask the Police why they are searching you, and on what grounds. When possible, a recording of your conversation should take place to ensure that the truth comes out. If the Police snatch your phone from you (which they likely will try), ask one of your mates to record it.

If you feel that you have been randomly targeted by Police and searched without reasonable suspicion, you may be able to fight the charge and the admissibility of evidence that the Police try to present to court.

  1. You have the right to remain silent.

It is important to know that you have the right to remain silent, you are only required to provide your name and address to an officer. Despite what some people may tell you, exercising your right to silence is not an admission of guilt.  Very often answering police questions without the proper advice can lead to the police gathering crucial evidence against you, seriously hurting your chances of success in court.

It is often best to remain silent and await instructions from a qualified Criminal Defence Lawyer who has experience in these matters.

  1. Understand the charges that you could be facing

There are strict guidelines that the Police and the courts use to determine what charge will be directed at a particular person. If you have more than 3 or 4 pills in your possession you could be charged with “deemed supply of prohibited drugs” this offence carries with it a much harsher penalty than a possession of drugs charge. It is important that you know the distinction between these charges because the penalty for each differs greatly.

  1. Ask to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Specialist Criminal lawyers like those at LY Lawyers have seen it all before and are experts with extensive knowledge about how drug matters are run in court. You are entitled to obtain legal advice immediately upon your arrest, failure by the police in allowing you to do so could result in your matter being dismissed in court.

LY Lawyers are experts in criminal law and have successfully represented thousands of clients on drug charges we have extensive knowledge of the court system and make the whole legal process as easy as possible.

We work 24/7 and are easy to contact call 1300 LYLAWYERS or 1300 595 299.

  1. Do not bring in or take drugs.

Drugs are extremely dangerous, the “party” type or not. We have all seen and heard of the dangerous effects that drugs can have on the body. Not bringing or ingesting drugs is the easiest way to deal with police at festivals and will ensure that you have a fun day without any Police trouble.

Whatever you do, do not “load up” just before the festival, in a hope that you will not have to worry about detection. There have been recently reported deaths from overdoses presumably from taking a lot drugs before getting to the venue.

It is not the end of the world!

Every year clients of ours get charged with drug related offences at festivals and immediately fear the worst, thinking that their lives have been ruined. There is no mistaking that criminal charges are extremely serious however with the right representation there are very good prospects of a favourable result. Approximately 77% of offenders who are charged with possession charges are dealt with, with section 10 bonds in the local court resulting in a no conviction recorded.

We will help you prepare your case and present it to the court in a formal and proper manner, thus maximising your chances at a no conviction.

Your choice of lawyer is extremely important and at LY Lawyers we can help. If you are worried give us a call on 1300 595 299 for a free consultation and listen to how our expert Sydney Criminal Lawyers can help you.