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2019 Crime Statistics in Australia


Crimes are committed every day. And in the review of Sydney, the rate of crime has dramatically declined over the past 15 years. Though the overall crime rate has decreased, not every category of crime…

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Sam appears in Court for Cold Case Murder Allegation


Our Senior Associate Sam appeared at Parramatta Bails Court on 6 October 2019. Our client is charged with murder, allegedly killing his wife and disposing of her body more than 40 years ago. We…

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Is it illegal to videotape your partner?


With the explosion of smart phones, tablets and social media, the posting of nude photos and explicit videos online has become commonplace. Some view this “sexting” as another form of sexual expression but what are…

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Gay Domestic Violence- How common is it?


The assumption has always been that domestic violence is primarily a women’s issue. However, domestic violence also affects the LGBTIQ community and at alarming levels. A 2014 report conducted by the University of NSW entitled…

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WTF? Is It Illegal To Swear In Public?


[This article contains coarse language] Teenagers do it. Workmates do it. Your spouse does it. You do it. Hell, even your grandmother has probably dropped a swear word. We Australians have a bit of a…

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Substantial Impairment by Abnormality of the Mind- A Partial Defence to Murder


Substantial Impairment by Abnormality of the Mind– A Partial Defence to Murder In Regina v Malcolm Robert Potts, a 33 year old NSW man with schizophrenia stabbed his father to death with a knife in…

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Mistaken Identity and Being Charged for a Crime You Didn’t Commit


Mistaken Identity and Being Charged for a Crime You Didn’t Commit There are plenty of legendary stories about mistaken identities, from celebrity mix-ups to the return of long-lost relatives. Take for instance the identity mix-up…

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False Confessions


False Confessions We see it in the movies all the time. A suspect is taken into custody and after many hours of questioning the police announce they have a confession. Are all these confessions accurate…

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Methamphetamine and Murder


Methamphetamine and murder A person bludgeoned with a hammer, a teenager who slashed his victim’s throat with a knife and a mother killing her newborn baby. These are just a few of the gruesome acts…

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Fake domestic violence claims – what are your rights?


Fake domestic violence claims – what are your rights? Daily, in Courts all over Australia, we see domestic violence charges withdrawn or dismissed due to the unreliability of alleged victims. A 40 year old Sydney…

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