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New laws gives hope to disqualified drivers


New law gives hope to disqualified drivers The NSW Parliament has introduced a new law giving disqualified drivers the chance to have their disqualification period reduced, or even lifted. Can you apply? As of the…

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Is the NSW Government’s enforcement of payment of tolls unconstitutional?


Our Principal, Adam Ly, appeared on Channel 7 News to provide his opinion on whether the requirement that road tolls be paid was unconstitutional. Bob Jervis of Queenland argues that the imposition of toll charges…

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How to Beat a Drink Driving Charge in NSW


How to Beat a Drink Driving Charge in NSW Drunk driving is a serious offence and is a huge factor in motor vehicle fatalities. In an attempt to reduce the number of deaths due to…

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Licence Suspension Appeals for Speeding Offences


Licence Suspension Appeals for Speeding Offences Speeding is a serious offence in NSW. If you are caught speeding, you will be ordered to pay a fine. You will also earn some demerit points. And if…

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The Difference between a Precribed Concentration of Alcohol and a Driving Under the Influence offence


Difference Between PCA And DUI Driving a vehicle when you are under the influence of alcohol or another intoxicating substance is a punishable offence in Australia. Someone who is caught driving after consuming an intoxicating…

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How Not Paying Road Tolls Can Land You in Prison


How Not Paying Road Tolls Can Land You in Prison Outstanding tolls can earn you a hefty fine and lead to possible imprisonment. This may sound outrageous but a lot of motorists face this unpleasant…

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Should I Take a Traffic Offence to Court?


When deciding whether to elect to take a fine issued by police of the RMS authority, there are several considerations you must take into account. Firstly, you need to be aware of what your options…

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What Happens if I have been Pulled Over for a MDT?


When are the Police Permitted to Drug test you? Police do not have the power to drug test people randomly on the street for no good reason. Even after the police arrest you they do…

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What are the Worst Areas in Sydney for Drink Driving?


What are the worst areas in Sydney for drink driving? In NSW alone police have conducted over 6.5 MILLION random breath tests since January 2014. Of that 22,000 people were charged with drink-driving. That means…

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What Happens If I Refuse To Undergo A Breath Test?


Refusing to submit to a roadside breath test or a breath analysis at the police station is a criminal offence in NSW and these offences carry harsh penalties.   When can police request a breath…

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